With the passion for 4×4 accessories and with the support of wold class factories a company was born.
MCC Bumper Replacement Bullbars was added to the Kilber/AutoVest range in January 2010, snorkels followed and Runva winches in 2013. These products are now available through Winch In (Pty) Ltd after the closure of AutoVest 13 December 2019.
With thousands of the above mentioned products sold the past 11-12 years it has proven that the brands are here to stay. Myself, Steve van Zyl (Previously employed by Kilber/AutoVest for over 10 years, basically from the start of the company till the very last day) has the sole import rights for the MCC brand into Sub-Saharan Africa, a big thanks to Mr Clive Finkelstein who previously introduced the brand in South Africa through Redback Offroad (I was managing Redback and handled the imports/selling of the products till end Oct 2009) where I then went over to Kilber/AutoVest under the wing of Mr Neels Els and landed the 1st MCC container in January 2010 for Kilber/AutoVest and now, since 2020 for Winch In (Pty) Ltd and will continue to do so! Runva winch range was added to the 4×4 accessory side in 2014 and since then a winch brand that is growing strong in SA.
Owner managed makes it a very hands on – one to one and sometimes face to face opportunity to answer questions and to close a deal. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
Thanks to everyone who supports the company and these fine quality brands. We look forward in doing more business going forward.
Fitment centres across South Africa as well as our neighboring countries can and will surely assist should you should you wish to purchase from them.
The name Winch In as a deeper meaning that what you see, it’s been revealed what the purpose of the company is when I was thinking of a name…bigger and more eternal things to come!
@ Winch In (Pty) Ltd we bring in quality products for quality people from quality people.
Steve van Zyl
Tel: +27 (0)82 375 6051 (Phone & WhatsApp) Email: steve@winch-in.co.za
Web: www.winch-in.co.za